If you need background information, documents and contacts to contemporary witnesses, I can provide you with the necessary information. In addition to research work, I provide services such as organization, project management and the documentation of interviews.



boyofberlin_150THE BOY FROM BERLIN
The Book The Boy from Berlin by RM Burt resulted from a Yorkshire Television documentary, in which I accompanied Thomas Walters to locations from his childhood in Berlin. With no memories from his early life except for a few photographs, Walters’ curiosity grew and he asked me to do further research for him in the south of Germany. On a second journey we visited the children’s home from which he was able to flee from Nazi Germany to England. We also went to the farm in Allgäu, where his mother – who was murdered in Auschwitz – had spent much time before he was born.

Heroes of EnlightenmentHEROS OF ENLIGHTENMENT
What was the Age of Enlightenment? How were the ideas of that area implemented in different countries? And what is their legacy? Renegade Pictures in London gave answers to these fundamental questions in a two-part documentary for Arte and Chinese television. They were filmed on location in England, Portugal, France and the United States of America.
In Germany, I researched for director Sheila Hayman (“Mendelssohn, The Nazis and Me”) the genuine locations, traces and interviewees on the topics education, nature, military and Frederick the Great. I organized both the research trips and the days of filming in Berlin, Potsdam and the Oderbruch.

The documentary Hunting Hitler, which Nigel Turner Production produced for the US History Channel, focuses on the attempt to assassinate Hitler in July 1944.
In addition, I researched other assassination attempts on Hitler for Nigel Turner and talked to experts about the historical background. We interviewed a vast number of time witnesses and family members of all those people who put their energy and courage into liberating the world from Hitler.