Foto: Thomas Möbius

Since the early 1990s I have conducted research for English speaking journalists in Germany. My clients also include documentary filmmakers, book authors and hotographers. My innate curiosity supports the wide range of topics I have been covering. To dig up information or factcheck information shortly before a deadline – that’s a daily work day that suits me well.


I’m a musician – violinist and singer. Besides making music myself, I learned the planning and organizing of concerts, opera performances and worldwide concert tours on the job and as a member of a semi-professional choir in Berlin. In 2003/2004 I professionalized these experiences in a one year training as cultural manager at bbw-Akademie für Betriebswirtschaftliche Weiterbildung GmbH.


The neighborhood of Potsdamer Strasse, where I live and work, constantly transfers the traditional past of Berlin’s most colorful media location into the present. Here at the Potsdamer Straße I learned to appreciate local journalism. I reported for the neighborhood newspaper Schöneberger Morgen for several years and started my own blog Unterwegs an der Potsdamer Straße in 2009. PR and public relations are an integral part of my professional portfolio.


At the same time there is a high demand for social development at Potsdamer Straße. I am committed to a tolerant interaction among the highly diverse groups – academics, unemployed, senior citizens, artists, prostitutes, migrants, entrepreneurs, children and teenagers – and therefore volunteer on the citizens group Quartiersrat and chair the Interessengemeinschaft Potsdamer Straße. My resulting in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for this neighborhood I happily pass on as a street guide.


As a lecturer in adult education and educational projects I combine my years of practical, professional experience with training as a teacher in secondary schools to the benefit of my students.